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05 June 2019

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Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá a Unique Place

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá a Unique Place

The small town of Zipaquirá in central Colombia, northeast of Bogota is known for the famous Salt Cathedral that lies hidden in the Halite Mountains.


In the old mine under the mountains you will take an underground tour to discover this Colombian tourist landmark. You will have the opportunity to experience the extraordinary architecture and engineering of this remarkable underground mine.


Halite commonly known as rock salt, is a type of salt which mineral (natural) is composed form sodium chloride (NaCl). This is the material from which the Salt Cathedral is made of. Besides, the beautiful set of lighting it produces a very incredible visual effect.


In this mystical place, you will find 14 small chapels that represent the Stations of the Cross and Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, a sanctuary and a main cathedral.


Although this is a popular tourist destination to be visited, this is also a place of pilgrimage for the local community.


After this extraordinary experience, you can continue to visit the town of Zipaquirá which was founded on 1600 and still conserves its colonial heritage. Stop at the main square, where you will find whitewashed houses decorated with olive-green trim and base as well as the most important municipal buildings..


The salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá calls more than 50,000 visitors every month and if you go to Bogota, you have a little more than an hour to get to know it.


This unique Cathedral has received recognition as “The First Wonder of Colombia” on 2007. Additionally, the town urban center was declared a historical and cultural heritage of Colombia.



Don ́t miss this and other extraordinary places you can visit it in our tour to Bogota.

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