About Us

About Us

About Us

At LINK EXPERIENCES we specialize in designing custom-made journeys. We excel at crafting the best experiences in Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, and Peru. Allow our travel consultants to create the perfect trip for you and your family.

Our expertise and contacts in the travel industry allow us to design the best-customized voyages for our guests.  We focus on sustainable and authentic experiences, interacting with locals and supporting communities.  Our goal is to match our travelers’ interests and passions in order to tailor their trip itineraries. We want to turn your vacation into an adventurous discovery!

We have access to the best suppliers and products that will guarantee superior treatment for our guests and overall exceptional travel experiences while honoring local culture and environmental sustainability practices.

Doing the right thing at the right time.







Meet the Team Leaders

We are a team of tourism entrepreneurs.

Luz Elena Coloma



From 2010 to 2015 Luz Elena managed QUITO TURISMO, Quito’s Visitors Bureau, a public municipal company that works closely with the local and national private tourism sectors, as well as the Ministry of Tourism.


With Luz Elena at the helm, Quito was elected “South American Leading Destination” by the World Travel Awards during three consecutive years. This experience allowed her to meet foreign journalists, tour operators, and tourists with varied expectations that were transformed into special memories during their visit to Ecuador.


For 20 years she was a journalist and lead anchor in LA TELEVISION, a local TV show defined as “a window to the world and a mirror to discover Ecuador.” The program became the most highly rated show on national television and allowed her to travel the country and discover its best-hidden treasures.  Luz Elena’s favorite place in Ecuador is Quito, the capital city and gateway to the country’s megadiversity. Its beautiful historic center, traditions, and people are custodians of a lively cultural heritage.


A vast knowledge of the local tourism industry and of all corners of Ecuador enables her to be in touch with the best tourism product providers.

Juan de Guzmán



He has more than fifteen years of experience in operations and management positions in the hospitality and tourism industry, which include Chief of Operations for Celebrity Cruises in Ecuador, and advisor to the Ministry of Tourism.


Juan has served as delegate of the Ministry on several travel shows, road shows, and other events around the world. Juan is a firm believer of Ecuador’s tourism potential. Juan loves soccer and to disconnect from daily routines, he enjoys traveling to the Haciendas located in the Andes Region. The beaches of the pacific coast are his favorite holiday destination.

Karla León



After studying and working in Saint Paul, MN and Boston, MA for almost ten years, Karla returned to Quito to work at the city’s Visitors Bureau.  She’s a political scientist who speaks four languages and is truly in love with her country. She’s a “people’s person,” has vast experience in customer service, and is an excellent communicator.


On weekends, you can find her playing a round of golf, or strolling around Quito looking for hip coffee places to read a book, or write on her blog. Her favorite holiday in Ecuador is camping and hiking around Quilotoa, a volcano with a beautiful water-filled crater in the middle, which is about one and a half hours from the capital.

Ana María Hidalgo



Anamaría is a successful operations executive with more than 9 years of experience in the travel industry working with clients of Europe, USA, and Canada. She handles every detail of the trip professionally from the start to finish, focusing on every element and making sure to offer only the best products and services around Ecuador and Peru.


She loves Ecuador, which is why she has dedicated most of her life to studying and working in tourism. When she’s not busy at the office, she’s at the park playing with her little boy JJ. Her favorite holiday in Ecuador is visiting the Galapagos Islands because every trip is a new adventure and an opportunity to see different animals!