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Hotel Facts:

  • Category: 4 stars
  • Rooms: 21: 8 Casitas, 8 Highland Villas, 2 Highland Family Villas and 3 Deluxe Villas.
  • Progroms Available (Days): 4,5,6,8



The Royal Palm is a secluded hideaway nestling in the lush Miconia Highland Forests of Santa Cruz in the heart of the Galapagos. The architecture is a combination of elegant colonial style and traditional island design which complements the natural environment. The Royal Palm estate offers its residents a unique sense of natural space. Set in its own 156 Hectare (386 Acres) private estate adjoining the Galapagos National Park, this exclusive property privacy and quiet seclusion in all of the 21 villas. Guests can choose one of four accommodation types: - deluxe Villas, Casitas, Highland Villas and Family Villas. Tailor-made adventure packages on land and sea allow guests to plan their own expedition of discovery, starting with the hotel’s very own Lava Tunnel tours.

Exploration Programs:

Explore by sea on a boat excursion:

Santa Fe Island, Bartolome Island, North Seymour & Bachas Beach, South Plaza Island & Punta Carrion


Explore the land on a guided tour:

Charles Darwin Research Station, Puerto Ayora Fish Market, Garrapatero Beach – kayak, swim, snorkel, walk, Trapiche Sugar Mill & Coffee Plantation, Cerro Mesa Ecological, Reserve Las Ninfas Lagoon, Los Gemelos Crater walk Nature Trails & Lava Tunnels, Tortuga Bay – kayak, swim, snorkel, walk, Wild Tortoise Ranches