Galapagos Islands

The islands are the land of superlatives. It is one of the most important national parks on earth and one of the world’s largest marine reserves.


Stay at a hotel on land and take day tours to stroll through the islands and discover the many unique animal and plant species.

The brand-new Golden Bay Hotel & Spa with 21 rooms was conceived and designed to offer its guests an unparalleled level of comfort and world-class service in the wonderful and unique Galapagos Islands. The Hotel merges its luxury status with the environmental demands of the Enchanted Islands.


The Hotel Golden Bay was also designed to integrate the emblematic "Playa de Oro" of San Cristóbal into its architectural complex and contribute to enhance the natural beauty of the bay, the port, the city and the bottom of the green hills of the upper part of the island as a backdrop.

“Link Experiences staff led our small family on a mind-blowing ten-day adventure through Quito and the Andes. Behind-the-scenes tours of important historical places, special access, specialists that knew where and how to go. No-way we could have come close to doing this on our own (which we usually try).”

Lukeda Savage


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Enjoy the Enchanted Islands and discover this bucket-list destination.


Sister yachts offering charming social areas, with both outdoor and interior spaces allowing you to enjoy an intimate experience.


One of the largest expedition cruise ships in The Enchanted Islands; it is still small enough for a more intimate experience with friends and family.