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16 January 2019

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The Avenue of the Volcanoes

The Avenue of the Volcanoes

When German naturalist and explorer Alexander Von Humboldt visited Ecuador, he was immediately seduced by the breathtaking views of the Andes, particularly its beautiful lineup of monumental volcanoes. He called it the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”; seven peaks with an average height of 13,000 feet.


The Andes region merges through valleys, mountains, lakes and cities. It boasts impressive biodiversity due to a wide range of microclimates; it is home to more than 4,000 varieties of orchids and over 600 species of birds. Only here can you hike through the unique grassy highlands (páramo), take a bath in the hot springs, or go bird watching in the cloud forest all in one day.


Culture is another special component. The valleys hide small villages that are frozen in time, yet very rich with vibrant traditions and special festivities. In 1978, UNESCO declared Quito the first World Heritage Site. Together with Cuenca, these Andean cities display splendid colonial historic centers, as well as modern and contemporary museums and galleries.  Otavalo – known for its folkloric and colorful market of handcrafts – will make you feel inspired.


We strongly believe that starting your journey in the Andes at Ecuador’s capital and main gateway – will be the perfect way to experience the textures, flavors, and magic of the country.


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