Ecuador and Galapagos Highlights

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Discover Ecuador, a country with 4 worlds very close to each other: the Amazon, with its extraordinary wildlife, the Andes and its spectacular mountains, the Coast with its heavenly beaches, and the enchanted Galapagos Islands. The best of all is that you will only need a few days to explore this touristic paradise.

Besides its cultural and natural diversity, during the last years Ecuador has witnessed the development of high quality touristic products. During the last few years, Ecuador has emerged as one of the most desirable destinations to visit in South America. Proof of this are the multiple awards received by renowned organizations such as Travel & Leisure, WTA, NatGeo, among others.

Link Experiences invites you to discover the beauty of Ecuador, designing exclusive tailor made itineraries according to your interests. We seek product differentiation, higher customer satisfaction, while working with environmentally responsible operators that meet rigorous security and quality guidelines.

Allow us to satisfy your ceaseless expectations for unique and authentic travel experiences that protect and sustain the cultural and natural environment. Let us match your passions and interests crafting your itinerary in unique places of our country.

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When thinking of the Galápagos we usually invoke Charles Darwin and his scientific expeditions that led to the theory of the evolution of species. After all, if there’s a place on earth where you can witness with your own eyes the many flora and fauna species’ adaptation to life circumstances, it is here. However, not many know about those who made the islands a strategic place to hide their treasures and organize their adventures to the South American mainland. Captain Woodes Rogers was a very famous English buccaneer who made the Galápagos his tactical site, while also enjoying the paradisiacal landscapes.

The islands are the land of superlatives. It is one of the most important national parks on earth and one of the world’s largest marine reserves. Snorkeling and scuba diving are a must! The Galápagos are a natural laboratory and a great conservation example.

Whether you’re here for its scientific interest or its world known beauty, the islands will be forever in your dreams. The options of onboard luxury cruises are tailored to the type of experience you want, including island hopping and specialized adventure. You can also stay at a hotel on land and take day tours to stroll through the islands and discover the many unique animal and plant species. You can stay five days or 14. Either way, you will leave wanting more!

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